Monday, May 18, 2009


The first folks I saw when i got to the Born Loose show the other night were the blogmasters of Ivanlandia and The Otto Mannix Report. They told me about their spanking brand new blog collaboration on biker movies: BIKER MOVIE BLOWOUT. The ensuing conversation was a litany of title-dropping. "Did you mention Werewolves on Wheels"; "What about the one with Joe Namath?" (CC & Company - featuring a performance by Wayne Cochran); "The Wild Angels is the cream of the crop"; "That one with Harry Dean, The Rebel Rousers, was such a bore; "Is this one a biker movie?" (e.g. Mad Max - answer: no, it's a post-apocalyptic cop revenge movie. The outlaw bikers are only villains, and not the main characters); "Some of the best are actually hybrids" (Hells Angels 69 is a biker-cum-heist movie). I didn't even realize that the master of Ivanlandia had actually curated a biker series at Anthology in 1990. I'm sorry I missed it. I feel like such a dolt.

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Otto Mannix said...

The people over here at Rockin' Monkey have memories like steel traps! Thanks for the plug. I'll put the link to RM on OMR and check in regularly.