Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is for Nail, who commented on my MORE MONKEY ROCK post about GS (GROUP SOUNDS, or Japanese garage rock). He has a whole blog about The Tigers singer Julie (Sawada Kenji). Julie was a heart throb as singer of The Tigers, and went on to have a fruitful acting career. Julie/Kenji is still in the movies - he was the father in HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS. The Tigers mostly sang, fluffy soft stuff to make the girl swoon, but had a few upbeat numbers (sort of like the Beatles in a way, though I think the Beatles had more rockin numbers). Anyway, here's one of my favorite Tigers moments - yes it's a rocker, not a swooner - from one of their films. This number is called "C C C" and has an awesome bridge refrain of "I'm so high, I'm so down, I'm so blue..."

Here's one of their signature tunes. This was used in at least one Japanese TV commercial: